Sunday, 31 August 2014

effing Wow!! Best "not rocks" on Mars ever!!

Plague Bombs

I find this hard to believe.  Sounds like a beat-up based upon stories of the Japanese launching self-destructing balloons (laden with bubonic plague) towards the American coastline during WW2.

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

deliberate confusion

I've noticed  an abundance conflicting reports and accounts and rumours beginning to envelop Foley and Isis like so much dirty smoke. As, with other kinds of psy-opic events (Sandyhook) , when eyewitnesses and  reporters seem uncertain about details.  Deliberately so? Possibly. It's as if the powers that be suppose that by throwing decoys and smog into the air, this will hide their true intentions and actions. The downing of MH17 is a case in point.  Lots of leads that don't meet up, or at least meet up where they shouldn't...

Geological Anomalies

Strange things happening with the the EARTH lately...sinkholes in Siberia,UK, cracks in Mexico, methane in the the EARTH about to self destruct?
Two anomalies I've been tracking - The Baltic Sea Anomaly and the supposed underground base in the ocean off Point Dume, Malibu.  Lots of hooHa in UFO communities about Pont Dume but no-one has come up with explanations about either one.  Then we have this - An anomalous Red Glow?

Monday, 25 August 2014


I see Iran has captured an Israeli drones near one of it's nuclear plants. Does it utilize "Freescale" technology? Maybe this theory, then, is correct...MH370 WAS secretly flown to Diego Garcia with the intention of seizing the scientists onboard...scientists whose knowledge would deliver micro technology to Israel which they could use in deployment remote-controlled weapons/drones against Iran.

Sunday, 24 August 2014

YOU WON'T BELIEVE YOUR EYES: Katie Couric Interviews Siblings of James F...

Ha Ha!!!

This Story has made my day!!! Within hours the most astute amongst the conspiracy community were saying the Foley execution video was staged propaganda... and now forensic "experts" have examined the footage and agree the actual neck-slicing part is fake? Oh really? Or are you just responding to truth-seekers all over the internet who have been making you look foolish. stupid and blind! No blood! Oh long before officialdom posits the theory that maybe 9/11 was, well, just a little bit "over-produced."
This just re-inforces to me the point of people putting themselves out there, early, pointing out inconsistencies and shams in the mainstream media's portrayal of hoax stories and false-flags.  I kind of wondered what effect it was having...since anti-conspiracy people rarely bother looking at evidence contrary to to the general consensus.  They see anyone who picks holes in the credibility of the News as an ineffective weirdo! But now the pressure is showing...the weight of the internet is crushing the people that make the News. They are buckling...they are being forced to point out flaws in their own propaganda.
Maybe the time has come to hire better directors for their events.  A production company that understands what makes a story instantly believable...for example -  bucketloads of blood...floods of tears...less smiling from the actors...less photoshopped images and green-screened reports.  All the things the make REAL life REAL!!


Aangirfan: VICTOR MONTAGU AND BOYS: Alexander Victor Montagu (above), the late Earl of Sandwich, regularly had sex with his son Robert Montagu and with around 20 other young ...

Saturday, 23 August 2014

F*** NASA!!!!

Do you believe this story?  A bone is a bone is a bone...!!!

Is this a rock? NASA thinks so...

Friday, 22 August 2014

sad but true Doctor Who

Please don't hyper-ventilate in anticipation of "Deep Breath", the opening installment of  "Doctor Who" series 8.  It's a little dull (in my opinion). Steven Moffat has yet to exhaust his need for lesbian titilation and deafening slaps in a script chock full of the sad one-liners we have come to expect.  It's a pity he fails (more often than not) to create characters who generate their own dialogue rather than having the dialogue bring characters into existence solely as mouthpieces for his predictable witticisms. Steven, you are not edgy, you are a childish little boy with slapstick notions of lesbians, satire, female dominatrixes, motherhood, religion ("oh,if I laugh at the church it will shock people"), a propensity to write every character the SAME...what, so the Doctor is now saying things that only Sherlock would say (?) and a talent for ripping off  movies...what so "Blink" is a simple HOMAGE to a key element  in "Back to the Future 3", is that it?
Now fans are making title sequences, so how much longer before WHO fan-fic is turned into full-blown episodes?
After the overt fan-wankery of "Sherlock" series 3 is anything to go by, not much longer I think.
The truth is, I miss the believable 3 dimensional characters of Russell's tenure...I miss feeling for them and caring.


Must say it was pretty convenient how that jihadist in THE video (you know which one, the orange and black one) spoke with a British accent...providing the perfect pretext for an outraged Britain to team up with their US allies in another round of "the Middle East, Oh not again..."
Now the war on terror is being promoted in Australia as well, I just wonder how long before a similar incident will occur involving Australians...

Trust the Experts

 The media encourages us to accept analysis from so-called "experts" which they spoon-feed us on nightly current affairs programs.  Normally the point they are trying to push is blindingly obvious but until an "expert" has been coralled in his bookshelved corner to state that blindingly is supposed to be sure what to think!  Often the "expert" has expertise in some university driven area of pseudo-study like "futurology" and apart from statistics has nothing astounding to offer in way of a refreshing, new view.
So, ok, respected News Media, we can see it for ourselves, we can... we can tie sequences of facts together and come to conclusions...ourselves...

paranormal synchronicity

this image captured on film during the Scole Experiments

and this being conjured by Aleister Crowley in one of his mystical workings.

both resemble the traditional grey alien.  It seems to me that  paranormal phenomena too many things in common with alien abduction scenarios and ufo experiences to be mere coincidence.  Both fields crossover each other then trip over cryptozoology.  People have described aliens as "floating" like ghosts.  Wonder if ghosts and aliens inhabit the same realm/dimension or are the same things  interpreted differently?  (if they exist at all that is)...

in between a hoax and a hard place.

How does this make me a conspiracy theorist?
I've examined all sorts of evidence presented online and now some news events (current and past) appear to me as bogus.  World and American news events. Staged events. Long planned events designed to play on our minds and tear at our  hearts.  Yet I think (not believe, this is not a question of faith), the moon-landings were real, Global Warming is real, not all vaccines are harmful and the term "Zionist plot" is over-used in the so-called "conspiracy" community.  I am not a doomsday prepper or a Christian fundamentalist. Just an ordinary person who wants to get at truth.
However, if I speak about this to anyone I know, I'm branded "weird" and a conspiracy nutter and the subject is changed.
It seems you either go all the way with mainstream opinion or all the way with conspiracy.  Seems to be little jostling space in the bus queue for people who want to pick and choose their flavor of hoax pie.

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Curiosity Rover Finds Proof Of Running Water On Mars!!

alien disclosure

Oh well the TRUTH about aliens is supposed to be revealed this year (ask Stephen Bassett)...sceptical?  I have noticed that in the last few months NASA has let gob-smacking anomalies (particularly on Mars) slip through their retouching gloves...
Also noticed stories concerning UFOs seem to pepper mainstream media alot more...
We have Google Moon showing up things. Amateur astronomers viewing things.  None of these finds are being censored.
NASA published a booklet that left open the possibility of the ancient alien theory being true...
little hints that maybe something is out there.  TV is bombarded with UFO shows.
Maybe the truth is being eeked out, seepd out ever so slowly...

Plankton on ISS

The discovery of plankton living on the exterior of the ISS (space station) has staggering means there is life in Space!! Could this account for the high percentage of dark matter that exists in the universe?  Once  I saw some slowed down footage of little lights that had been filmed hovering around the ISS, and was reminded of the sea. The lights pulsated like jellyfish and had the shapes of diatoms.  Could the variety and irregularity of some UFO shapes be accounted for by  possibly organic origins?  Maybe they are creatures, unmanned living, flying like so many celestial fish.

Wednesday, 20 August 2014


Latest news reminds me of BBC "Sherlock"...the episode "A Scandal in Belgravia" which was immediately brought to mind with the MH17...the plot of staging a terrorist plane event in order to provoke a war...the so-called "Coventry" solution.   In the episode the plan was to fill a plane with corpses then blow it up mid-air.  With MH17 we see reports that some of the recovered bodies were already if the passengers in the plane had been corpses.
With the James Foley alleged beheading I am reminded of the scene with Irene Adler at the end of the episode when she is about to be beheaded by a man in black robes (who turns out to be Sherlock in disguise)...a man with a British accent like the beheader of Foley.

Saturday, 16 August 2014

Friday, 15 August 2014

joining dots

Although think it is odd how Robin Williams plays the voice of  "The Church of Batman the Redeemer" in Terry Gilliam's new movie (Zero theorem).....while Heath Ledger was shown hanging in his other movie (Parnassus) after having apparently committed suicide in real life.  "Batman" movies have been known to show  incidences of predictive programming as with Sandyhook...

just watch

Robin Williams and 23

Just noticed the number 23 seems associated with RW's death somehow.

The "Family Guy" episode aired by the BBC before the news of his death was number 23 (air time 23.25)
He died on the 223rd day of the year.
His son is aged 23.
One sports commentator referenced him 23 times in a broadcast following his death.

Maybe there are some more 23s I haven't noticed yet.