Sunday, 30 November 2014

Carchemish Re-opening

I remember when recently Turkish president Erdogan recently said that his region didn't need any more tinpot "Lawrence of Arabias" swanning around during the Isis crisis...yet now Turkey has suddenly tried to cash in on Lawrence's fame...shame!

Saturday, 29 November 2014

extremely creepy parents


Why? What is the significance?
(not really heading moonwards but maybe it should have been)
Shackleton had a star with nine-points placed on his cabin door of his last ship "Quest"...yes the masonic trinity (or the Hopi morning star), but was he pointing the way to "Interstellar"?

I suppose they are called "spaceSHIPS" for a reason...

Conspiracies...tedious (rant)?

I've noticed that my fave alt. media youtube channels are running out of conspiracy news so are rehashing snippets from Boston, Sandyhook etc.  It's really a seasonal thing. If there's nothing new in the works, the fruit rots on the vine, the harvest is poor for that come on govt. do something, stage something! After a while all events merge into a dreary mass anyway...once you've "woken up" what next? There's nowhere to go, your friends aren't interested and hate conspiracy talk...the news on TV becomes like a dream-news, not real..unless you switch back into normal accepting of the fallacies mode so then you can experience news together with the family instead of silently choking in the corner when yet another beheading pops up. It's lonely being seems pointless because it's not likely anything will ever seems an endless march up  cut/paste hills on the airbrushed mockery of Mars towards the pinnacle..."Disclosure" which we all know will NEVER happen.  Even if everyone is awake in their own minds...until the truth paradigm changes in the mainstream world, until the govt. and media and corporations come continues sad and static.

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Boyd Bushman real deal??? Bob Lazar vindicated???

also this from 2012

UFO Airplane?

What is happening? Is it april fools day? Is Boeing dropping hints about their experimentation with anti-gravity? Experiments that may have commenced in the 50s and be ongoing. All seems to be falling into place for me.  It's like a cloaked Disclosure. I think the Disclosure movement is forcing the powers that be to initiate a softening up process. Confirmation upon confirmation...

Monday, 24 November 2014

The E.S.A. Lies About The 67P Comet !


Finally an article in the mainstream media concerning the push on Washington for alien disclosure. Was beginning to think all the tweeting was for nothing!!! Let's hope some other outlets start to follow the "Washington Time's"lead.....Haven't had much time for blogging recently, been so pre-occupied with this...
But then, as if to undermine serious efforts the "Inquisitr" wheels out this old chestnut. Ho, Hum...

Sunday, 23 November 2014

jay weidner

just been listening to interviews with this guy...everything he says is fascinating...Kubrick was a pedophile/ or at least trying to expose elite pedophile rings through his movies??